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Last Updated: 11-18-2012.

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Microids/Strategy First's Empire of the Ants
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An Ant How nanotechnology will change the world article by CNET.
A ZDNet story about new tools to fight Web trackers. Bug B Gon spray can on an ant.

FireAnt: Code-name for Gateway's Notebook:
FireAnt Logo Banner Ad
Thanks Fletch (remove ANT to e-mail).

The Lightweight Dell Inspiron 2500 90 GT Notebook:
A red ant carrying a Dell notebook.

AltaVista and Microsoft Internet Explorer:
An Animated Ad

Cold Fusion:
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Harris Poll Online:
Poll Ad

IBM e-business:
A banner

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A Flash advertisement for Optus Business: Two red ants help each other with a leaf.

A Flash college degree banner on CNN.